About our Beginner Surf Lessons. For the 2020 season we will be offering our beginner surf lesson packages from our beach bases at Gwithian Towans and Praa Sands, where we have inputted COVID-19 Secure Guidelines to ensure customer and staff safety.

We run daily beginner surf lessons both morning and afternoon and work on a maximum 1:5 instructor to student ratio. When booking your surf lessons with us please let our team know about any previous surfing experience as we’ll then make sure you are placed in a group of similar ability and with the correct equipment to take your surfing to the next level. Our coaching team has a wealth of experience teaching all ages and abilities and a proud to have a 95% success rate on getting you to your feet on your first lesson. Booking your lesson in advance is essential as we keep our groups sizes small to ensure the ultimate customer experience.

All of our equipment is kept to the highest standards and is no more than 2 years old. All you will need to bring is a towel, swimsuit and hopefully suncream and our team will do the rest!

Booking your lesson in advance is essential as we have limited number of beginner lesson slots each day to ensure the ultimate uncrowded customer experience.

Introduction to Surfing 1 SURF LESSON

A Beginner Surf Lesson is for people who have never surfed before or had a few lessons months / years ago and need a refresher! Your lesson will be divided into 3 parts ‘A, B & C’ firstly; on the beach you will learn about safety, your equipment, how to catch waves & get to your feet riding a wave! Then it’s time to hit the surf and put it all into practice. Lessons are 2 hours long and we provide all equipment. The youngest we’ve taught is 5 and the oldest 90!

£35.00 per person

Learn How to Surf 2 SURF LESSONS

This package includes two 2-hour surf lessons, which can be taken on consecutive or non-consecutive days and all equipment is provided. After learning the art of ‘standing up’ in your first lesson we will focus on ‘staying up’ during the second lesson. The 2 day introduction to surfing will also cover the pro pop-up and speeding up / slowing down techniques.

£60.00 per person

The Surf Experience 3 SURF LESSONS

This package includes three 2-hour surf lessons, which can be taken on consecutive or non-consecutive days and all equipment is provided. In a 3 lesson package we will introduce the art of ‘trimming’ your surfboard along a wave. As you now progress towards an improver this is one of the most exciting skills to learn, where you will be coached how to read waves and then ride the wave to the left or right.

£80.00 per person

Our Week Surf Package 5 SURF LESSONS

This package includes five 2-hour surf lessons, which can be taken on consecutive or non-consecutive days and all equipment is provided. This is the ultimate surf package to take you from a beginner to an improver surfer ready to hit the surf by yourself knowing you will have the confidence and ability to have huge amounts of fun whilst staying safe.

In the ‘Week Surf Experience’ we will take you from enthusiastic beginner to a well-rounded improver. Your coach will work closely with you covering speed control, trimming, ocean safety, fine tuning your surf equipment, turning your surfboard and paddling beyond the white water to catch your first unbroken ‘Green’ wave.

On completion of your 5-day course your coach will advise you on what equipment is best for you and put in place a selection of SMART goals to continue your surfing progression.

£110.00 per person

Global Boarders Locations GWITHIAN We are the only beach front Surf School at Gwithian. Nestled in the corner of the beautiful St Ives Bay, the picturesque 3 miles of beach at Gwithian guarantees lots of space and to enjoy some of the best waves in Cornwall. South Coast Cornwall Location PRAA SANDS We are the only licensed Surf School at Praa Sands and have been lessons from there for 15 years.Quieter than most of Cornwall’s other surfing beaches, Praa Sands produces the best waves on the south coast of Cornwall.