Surf Club Cornwall

The primary aim of the club is to use the sport of surfing to engage and increase participation and progression of children and young adults taking part in water based sports on a daily / weekly basis throughout West Cornwall.

Living in Cornwall and surrounded  by the ocean, sea based activities are extremely popular amongst both children and adults. Traditionally surfing is a seasonal sport with many dropping out throughout the winter period, therefore we propose that the secondary aim of the club is to make surfing more accessible year round with the help of the correct equipment allowing these participants to continue surfing with warmth, comfort and safety on a daily / weekly basis year round.

Techniques used to achieve this include:

  • Professional Surf / Technique Screening
  • Video / Photo Analysis
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Oceanography Theory
  • Beach Dynamics (Surf Specific)
  • Strength & Conditioning workouts
  • Nutritional Advice
  • The Importance of Goal Setting

For the 2016 season Global Boarders Surf Club Cornwall will be running two clubs on a weekly basis. 11-16’s advanced / elite club and brand new for 2016 is the U11’s ‘Super Grom’ club.  Prospective 2016 club members will need to attend a two session trial before a decision is made on their membership.

Club Options:

  • 11-16 Elite Club, Weekly Coached Surf Sessions, Saturday AM & Weekly Strength & Conditioning sessions at Aspire Gym, Hayle: £5.00 Per Session.
  • U11’s Super Grom Club, Weekly Coached Surf Sessions, Saturday PM, £5.00 Per Session.

The Advanced / Elite Surf Development session are  run by coaches who’s qualifications include level 3 Coaching and Level 1 Judging – International Surfing Association (ISA), Sports Science & Nutrition degrees.

We do not take bookings through our website, guaranteeing your club enquiry is organised traditionally, on a one-to-one basis, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Book your trial sessions today! Give us a shout on 01736 369995 or drop us an email.