Elite Winter Training Programme 2016

Elite Winter Training Programme 2016

Life as an U16 elite surfer in during the 2015/2016 wintertime is full of challenges, begging for lifts to the beach, school, homework, never being able to eat enough, girlfriends, boyfriends, never-ending cold and rain. In response to this we held our second annual ‘Elite Winter Programme’.

What? Winter Surf Course
When? 4 Full Days (8am – 4pm, 3 surfs per day)
Which Days? The four days will be selected based on the best surfing days over the Christmas period.

Pre Course Preparation – Prior to the first days coaching we will run a 2-3 hour coaching session in the shop, which will include goal setting, performance analysis, video coaching, equipment assessment etc.

Day 0 – Pre Course Preparation.
Day 1 – Day one will focus on FH & BH bottom turns.
Day 2 – Day two will focus on FH & BH floaters, cutbacks, carves and top turns.
Day 3 – Day three will focus on barrel riding, we will ensure that we choose a day / location that offers barrel opportunities.
Day 4 – Aerials and progressive surfing.

Here are the video highlights captured by official team filmographer Mr Oliver Reeves and edited by Chris Brown:

Here’s head coach Chris finding some fun sections during the coaching sessions…


Next up is senior team member Leo Reeves, arguably one of the top 14 year old surfers in the UK Leo rips and heres the proof…


Three years younger than Leo and snapping at his heels is younger brother Thomas ‘Scamp’ Reeves. Check out Scamps radical style and pure ability for someone of just 11 years old…


Next up is Woody New, who is ranked 19th in the UK as an U14 in his first competitive year on tour. Woody has ben showing great progression this winter and has set his sights on a top 10 finish in the U14’s division in 2016.


U12 British Girls Champion 2015 – Bonnie Whitelock is up next, surfing well beyond her years Bonnie is setting her own standards for girls surfing in West Cornwall. Check the results out here…

Twin to Woody is stylish club member Huck New, a true statician Huck analyses all elements of coaching and applies then instantly to his surfing. Check out Huck’s bottom turn improvements in the following video clips…


Next up are new members Austin, Fin, Josh and Tommy who all joined the Global Boarders team in 2015 looking to improve their surfing to the next level. Here’s the evidence that it’s all starting to pay off…




The final two two surfer who participated in the ‘Elite Winter Training Programme’ were Toby and Theo. Both showed great progression during 2015 and showcased some great surfing during the sessions…


For daily updates on the progress of the Global Boarders team riders follow our page here:


Date posted: 6 January 2016