Surf Day with Classic Cottages and Aspects Holidays

On a warm sunny day in March, we met up with the staff from Aspects Holidays and Classic Cottages for a wonderful days surfing to remember…

When you think of Cornwall what are the first things to spring to mind? Pasties, cream teas and seagulls,or sun, sea and surf? If it’s the latter then we would like to welcome you to our beautiful county! With gentle rolling swells from March – November and over 100 surfing beaches to choose from, think surfing, think Cornwall.









As a mobile surf school we aim to chase the best conditions, today they were at just down the road from the Aspects Holidays office in Hayle. On reaching Gwithian we made our way down to the top of the sand dunes to check the surf and tide conditions, to our surprise it was a perfect 2-3ft, blowing offshore and there was no one out! in hast we then returned to the minibus for the inevitable struggle into our 5:3 warm Rip Curl wetsuits, boots, gloves and rash vests!



The six staff from Aspects Holidays and Classic Cottages made their way down the beach with their oversized, bright yellow foam ‘swell’ boards, with the waves being small and the group beginners the large foam boards are the perfect vehicle to get even the most unstable of surfers onto their feet, wind in their hair and riding towards the beach.

After a brief safety talk, we whipped out the wind break for a quick before and after group photo, our brief was to look as natural as possible, I think ‘Elizabeth’ may have done this before! After the token beach photos the two more experienced members of the group made their way excitedly to the water to start showing off their surf skills. The remaining four members stayed on the beach for the surfing tutorial, once we were happy everyone cold stand up on dry land we were then ready to add water to the mix!


Wrapped up in their Rip Curl winter suits the group instantly forgot that it was March and quickly got into the full flow of surfing. Naturally all angles were covered with a waterproof camera and another one on the beach with a massive telephoto lens, ready to catch the imminent wipe outs (surf speak for falling off in a spectacular fashion!). Here’s Doug just moments away from showing the group what a wipeout looks like!


As the saying goes “time fly’s when your having fun” two hours had passed in a flash of yellow and orange, everyone was starting to get peckish with their bodies tiring, but the promise of catching the next wave was teasing them to stay in.

With heavy arms and hungry bellies the walk back up to the car park was practically a sprint. With the partial eclipse just a day away the pull on the tides was huge, the water having moved over 300 metres closer to the steps making for a nice short walk back to the minibus. The group were provided with a clean, warm and dry beach towel each and with the thought of warm clothing and a locally sourced lunch everyone was changed within minutes and soon devouring their lunches in a sheltered sun trap in the Gwithian dunes.


As the group finished their lunch, we were quickly editing all the photos and videos from the mornings achievements. The Aspects Holidays and Classic Cottages group of 6 then made their way to the local cafe for a warm coffee before getting a sneaky preview of the mornings accomplishments. Typically all the photos / videos of the standing and riding of waves were overshadowed by the awesome wipeout highlights…

Once the group were warm and fed we went through the individual surf packages that we can offer to the clients of Aspects Holidays and Classic Cottages; whether this involves a week long surf vacation, long surfing weekendsurf experience day or even a school trip to our surf camp in south Morocco with our partners Spot-M we can really offer the true surfer lifestyle package! We’ll even pick you up from any of the Aspects of Classic holiday cottages, and return you later that day.


We enjoyed really enjoyed hosting the staff from Aspects Holidays and Classic Cottages, showing them in just 1 day how we can tailor any surfing package to their clients. Sadly it’s back to the office today but we’ll see you in the surf soon

Love Cornwall

Love Surfing

Date posted: 25 March 2015