Sennen Cove Coasteering

Coasteering Adventures from Sennen Cove and the nearby fishing village of Mousehole.

Experience the thrill of coasteering with us this summer at Sennen Cove, where we proudly offer exclusive experiences at Cornwall’s most westerly coasteering venue.

Our adventures from Sennen Cove offer a unique experience at one of Cornwall’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. The coastline offers an array of challenges, from thrilling jumps into crystal-clear waters to traversing hidden caves and coves. With its dramatic cliffs and secluded bays, Sennen Cove provides the perfect playground for this adrenaline-fueled activity.

In instances where sea conditions at Sennen Cove may not allow for safe coasteering, our team swiftly relocates just 15 minutes away to the quaint village of Mousehole. Nestled in its picturesque setting, Mousehole offers the perfect sheltered alternative for our sessions, even amidst the most wild swells and winds.

Our sessions last for 2 hours and include full equipment hire, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your adventure. Additionally, we provide complimentary water photography, capturing unforgettable moments of your experience.

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Thea Schuler
Thea Schuler
We went kayaking with Matt and we had the best time on the water. Matt was able to tell us so many stories and sealife details. He also showed us a lot of caves and we were lucky to see a seal, lots of jellyfish and even some mackerels. Thank you Matt for making it so much fun and taking the time!
Sarah S.
Sarah S.
Had a surf lesson with Ian, who was a skilled and thoughtful teacher, encouraging and hilarious. Made all of us first time surfers ranging from mid-forties to seven, extremely comfortable, counting it as one of our favorite days on a family holiday. Thank you to the team!
Wendy McFarlane
Wendy McFarlane
Another amazing lesson with Justin in Hayle 😊 He’s very good at guiding and helping you better your kayaking skills and he is very knowledgeable about a lot of things! I would highly recommend Justin, this is my 3rd lesson with him and have booked my fourth, can’t wait 😁
Melissa Drayson
Melissa Drayson
A fun paddleboarding adventure on a beautiful afternoon at Mullion Cove. Stephen was a great guide, who looked after our mixed ability group well and taught us lots of new techniques. We saw seals and cormorants at Mullion Island and enjoyed a bit of complementary coasteering, swimming through one of the many caves along this stretch of cliff.
James Wray
James Wray
Went coasteering with Global Boardriders and Chris with my two sons, 12 and 15. It was a private booking, so just the four of us. It made for a great day out and was tailored to our abilities. Loads of interesting info and a really unique perspective on the coastline. It was the boy's favourite day of the trip, and my youngest was very happy he'd made the jumps. Highly recommended, I would do it again.
Nicola Everett
Nicola Everett
Great experience. We paid £40 for a 2 hour beginner lesson including equipment hire for our son. First and foremost we had a friendly, welcoming service from the lady in the reception area and we were really pleased that the 2 hour timer began when the lesson started, once on the beach! The instruction was a thorough induction to surfing! inparticular a shout out to a great teacher Louie! To top it all off they included a free hour of surf board use after the lesson. My son thoroughly enjoyed it!

Coasteering options from Sennen Cove

Group Coasteering Adventures

Prepare to join fellow adventurers for a group coasteering experience. Our sessions typically have one guide for every six students, with a minimum age requirement of 10 years old.

  • Book a 2 hours session now for £45.00 per person
Family Coasteering Adventures

You can either join other families or opt for your own private family coasteering adventure. It’s perfect for families seeking an unforgettable holiday experience.

  • You have the option of a 2-hour group session for £45.00 or a private session for £60 per person.
Private Coasteering Adventures

Book a private coasteering adventure from Sennen Cove for the ultimate personalised experience. Your guide will tailor the session to your preferences, whether you’re keen on exploring marine life or focused on big jumps.

  • Prices start from £60 per person for a group of 3-5 people.
Schools and Large Group Coasteering

For large group bookings, schools, or colleges, please speak directly to one of our team members. We have the resources to accommodate up to 40 people at once. Book a large group coasteering adventure from Sennen Cove and enjoy a minimum 25% discount off our online prices.

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