Surfing Accessories – Stormrider Playing Cards


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“Stormrider Surf Playing Cards – The World Pack One”.This is a mini surf guide to 54 of the world’s best waves, displayed in full colour with wave descriptions, latitude/longitude, Stormrider symbols, and unique surf stats including wetsuit-men. The corners display normal playing card suits, numbers and jokers, meaning you will never have to play cards again looking at bored kings or queens, who have been replaced by killer photos of the planet’s primo surf spots. Whether it’s Poker, Pig or Patience, “Stormrider Surf Playing Cards” will ramp up the fun, with dozens of other card games just waiting to be invented. How about making Hawaii trumps, waves over 20ft penalty cards or all rivermouths wildcards? The choices are endless, making these cards ideal flat day entertainment on your next ‘surfari’ or the perfect mini gift for any adventure sports fans