Futures Fins, Alpha Series Carbon Tri Fin (Small, Medium & Large)


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This brand-new fin set is made in Huntington Beach, California from a lightweight and resilient moulded carbon fibre delivering all the performance you’d expect from a fin set with a Balanced Ride Number.

Compound 6 is Futures brand-new construction blend which is lighter than Honeycomb and the next step in innovation for Futures.

Constructed with Infused carbon fibre which is lighter and stronger than fibreglass, and then infused with air! Futures hooked up with 3M, and were able to develop a totally unique composite material with air pockets thereby reducing weight without sacrificing any structural strength.

Different surface geometries were tested behind a jet-ski, which resulted in a more predictable and efficient flow and a significant reduction in “fin hum.”

With the added durability and strength of carbon fibre, Futures were able to go back to the drawing board and set about restructuring the profile geometry of the Alpha line. The strength of the fibres allowed them to modify the flex pattern by reducing the material at the tip for more spring and adding a little at the base for more drive.

The Alpha series of fins have a flat foil which is a very reliable option for pretty much all conditions. The fins fall into the Balanced category on the Ride Number scale making them a great all around choice, with plenty of spring to make it around sections while still maintaining some predictability and hold.

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