Futures Fins, Hayden Shapes HS3 Generation Series ‘Marble’ (XS & M)


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  • Futures brand
  • HS3 Generation Series Thruster Set
  • 3-fin surfboard fins
  • Size: X-Small (75 lbs-115 lbs) (34 kg-52 kg)
  • Side fins: V2 foil; Center fin: Symmetrical foil
  • Ride Number Rating: 8.5
  • Carbon *& E-Glass with Epoxy Resin

The Futures HS3 Generation Series Thruster Set is a 3-fin surfboard set proudly made in the US. Part of the new breed of speed-generating fins, the HS3 stays true to its design. In the Ride Number Scale, it has an 8.5 rating, falling under the speed generating category. This tri fin set is suitable for extra small surf riders weighing an average of 75 lbs to 115 lbs.

The materials used for these surfboard fins come from a perfect combination of carbon and fiberglass layups, ideal for generating all the speed needed to make maneuvers. At the same time, it gives you that element of control. The HS3 Series is highly recommended for surfers looking to have additional stability plus drive more than the Blackstix.

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