Ocean & Earth Premium 9ft 7mm One Piece Leash


Another world first from the leaders in QUALITY surfing products . O&Es innovative new one piece moulded cord design eliminates the NEED FOR END JOINS, WHICH ARE the weakest points found in current conventional leashes. this ENGINEERED design provides unrivalled strength, resulting in the worlds strongest leash. Ordinary leg ropes suffer from a notch effect. A sharp corner at the transition of the cord to the moulded end, where all of the stresses are concentrated as the leg rope is put under tension. Over time, this concentration of stress at transition causes a fatigue failure to initiate, as a result of the notch, which leads to eventual breakage. With The One Piece Leash, there is no notch effect as there are no sharp corners or joins and the stresses are equally distributed over the leg rope under tension, irrespective of the number of times it cycles (stretched).

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  • Length: 9ft
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Optimal wave size: Up to 4ft
  • One piece moulded cord technology, eliminates weak points
  • World’s strongest leash, 40% stronger and flexible
  • Will stretch up to 6.8x longer than its standard length
  • Reinforced flexi-neck
  • Highgrade urethane
  • Dual anchor stainless free spin swivel, for tangle free surfing
  • Light weight construction
  • Comfortable padded ankle / knee strap
  • Safety release loop
  • Detachable rail saver
  • O&E leash string
  • O&E branding

Additional information

Leash Colour

Black, Lime

Strap Type

Ankle, Knee