Xcel Axis Mens 3/2mm

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The Axis X2 2016/2017 Model features premium, watertight X2 front entry system with additional seam and material innovations for very good warmth, stretch and performance.

The front and back torso is lined with fast drying, lightweight and naturally hydrophobic Quick Dry Lining, and the glued & blindstitched seams are sealed with inner Theomo Dry seam tape to keep even more water out.

The outer sleeves also feature S-Seal technology, a durable, flexible outer composite for an even better seal. The Axis is also a 100% Ultra Stretch neoprene suit.

Colour: Black

Entry System – X2 ZIP – Front entry with a short slanted zipper angled along the upper chest and attached at the right shoulder to keep more water out, with a ‘Smooth-Skin’ hem seal on the left shoulder flap.

Crossover Nick Entry – Overlapping inner front and back neck panels stretch to allow extra wide, step-on-through-the-neck entry.

Materials – Texture Skin, Ultra Stretch Neoprene &Quick Dry Lining.

Construction – Thermo Dry Seam Tape, Glued and Blindstitched Seams and S-Seal.

Fit – Less Seam = More Stretch and Duraflex Knee Panels.

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