Surf Education

The waves, sea and surrounding beaches are our life. We live and breath every second we spend in this special environment. Throughout 2016, we instructed and coached over 1800 local school children of all abilities and backgrounds how to surf. However, beyond the sport of surfing there is a far more important message we try to teach, and that is those keys skills that we feel are essential and specific to this part of the world such as lifeguarding, beach first aid, environmental awareness and an understanding of the sea and the dangers attached with it. We call it surf education. It is our passion and belief that by promoting and encouraging all these attributes we will help young people of Cornwall enjoy the sea safely and harness ongoing respect for all our beautiful beaches and marine life.

Over the years we have evolved as a surf school and in the time since we were established have become heavily involved in working along- side a host of schools, educational institutes, governing bodies, the NHS, and other programs, whereby we focus on using surfing as a tool to promote a healthy lifestyle, build self-confidence and self-esteem, all of which help assist adults and children in overcoming barriers they may face in life, such as learning or behavioural difficulties, social exclusion or unemployment.

We currently and continue to work with over 50 different schools within Cornwall including primary, secondary, college and universities. We are also very proud to have worked with alongside short stay schools based in Truro, Redruth, Penzance and St Austell. It is from these partnerships that we have been able to adapt, grow and tailor our surfing provision to meet the needs of the students and young people that we come across. Our mission is to give the youth of Cornwall the confidence and belief that they can succeed at school and in life after school such as gaining further educational qualifications or employment.

For more information on our surf education please get in contact with us. We would love to chat on 01736 369995, or just drop us an email.



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