St Ives School Morocco Surf Trip

St Ives School – Morocco – October 2015

Located in West Cornwall the town of St Ives is considered one of the hubs of surfing in the UK for the past 40 years. At Global Boarders we have a long standing relationship with St Ives Secondary School and were extremely excited too take fifthteen lucky students to Mirleft in South Morocco at the end of October 2015.

With both air and water temperatures a very inviting twenty-five degrees, perfect empty waves, clean water, delicious Moroccan food and unrivalled hospitality the group were ready for a surf trip of a lifetime.

Here’s head coach Chris Brown putting the group through their dynamic warmup before entering the water. A warm up in Morocco is like working out in a steam room at your local gym, the group have to drink water consistently to match the amount they are sweating.

Chris here showing the group some radical tricks that he expects to be performed in the surf today. I’m not sure if Jake and Jed are convinced?

Day 2 was perfect, the winds lightened and the swell dropped to allow point break perfection for the group. In Mirleft one guy out is considered a busy day…

Here’s Josh Martindale setting his rail on a perfect Moroccan canvas…

Here’s Bonnie Whitelock, current U12 British Champion and the youngest ever girl to charge the point break in Mirleft at 4-6ft.

It’s thumbs up on breakfast at the beach from Jack after charging 6-8ft point break perfection for 3 hours. Same again after lunch Jack?

In addition to world class surf Morocco hosts numerous other cultural amazements, from abandoned French forts, handcrafted jewellery and traditional Moroccan music and dance.

Sadly all trips come to an end, with unforgettable memories and a nice tan for November the group enjoyed their final meal on the balcony overlooking the surf as the final sunset dropped into the sea.

Until next time…

Thanks for reading, the Global Boarders Team, Spot-m Team and Staff and students from St Ives Secondary School.

Date posted: 6 January 2016