Surf Snowdonia

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“Surf Snowdonia is the world’d first inland Wavegarden lagoon open to the public, with continuous waves rolling from one end to the other”

The Global Boarders Surf Co. Cornwall squad travelled to Wales over the weekend of 20th – 22nd May for a ‘Elite Development Camp’ like none other .

11.30pm, Swansea.

The team arrived blurry eyed at Global Boarders friend ‘Debbie’ warm comfortable home in Swansea, Wales. After recharging the batteries and a hearty Welsh breakfast the team said goodbye to their new Welsh mum and headed toward the Gower.

Accommodation + Free Guard Dog ‘Taffy’

Team Photo – Scamp, Steve, Iris, Bonnie (Socks?), Debbie (Welsh Mum), Leo, Fin, Dylan, Chris (Viking) & Taff (Dog)

12.00pm, Caswell, Gower

First stop Saturday lunchtime saw the team travel to ‘Caswell Bay, Swansea’ needless to say the squad lucked out. The waves were 2ft, the wind was howling onshore and the weather was apocalyptic. But if your a surfer on a surf trip your stocked!

Team Photo – Caswell Bay, Swansea

Listen up Cornwall… They have showers on the beach in Wales!

Time to crack open the penny jars for parking! Mumbles for Coffee and Lunch.

Second stop Saturday lunchtime saw the team travel to ‘Langland Bay, Swansea’ with a pushing tide and dropping wind there was a chance we could score perfect conditions. The waves were 2-3ft, the wind was  now light onshore and the rain had finally stopped. The team happily chucked on their wet wetsuits and jumped in!

Langland Bay, Gower

11.00pm, Snowden, North Wales

Steve (Coach) enjoying a well deserved sleep after driving over 400 miles from SW Cornwall – NW Wales.

10.00am, Surf Snowdonia, Wales

Scamp watches on as the guy in the red helmet gets some hang time in the “Crash & Splash’  lagoon

Scamp getting to work on his backhand.

Scamp lighting up the end section @ Surf Snowdonia

Austin (front) Fin (back) mirroring backhand attacks

U14 English Champion Bonnie going right whilst Scamp surfs the left on the ‘South Peak’

Steve Hancock (Senior Coach) sets up the first section @ Wavegarden, Wales

Dylan hitting the lip!

Iris dropping into another perfect wave

Fin spreading his wings

Fin at the ‘Advanced Take Off’

GB Squad Member, Leo Reeves putting it on rail

Leo getting close to the wire

Scamp up and close

Austin in the foreground & the local ‘Valley Grill’ in the background, perspective…

Austin, backhand whip

Iris, stylish bottom turn i the valleys of North Wales

Snowdonia standout Bonnie attacks another perfect section

Iris looking on as Dylan finds another excellent backhand line

Scamp cutting back…

3.00am, Penzance, Cornwall

400 long miles later the team arrive back in Penzance, Cornwall. Surf Snowdonia, best summarised by Dylan “IT WAS SOOOOOO FUN” was an amazing experience, one the Global Boarders Team will certainly be repeating once again in the near future.

A special thanks must also go to Oliver Reeves and Steve Brocklesby for all their help during the weekend.

Until Next Time,

Global Boarders Surf Co. Cornwall Team

Leo Reeves Scorpion Kick!


Date posted: 23 May 2016