Group and Private Improver Surf Lessons Gwithian Towans on the North coast and Praa Sands on the South coast.

Our improver lessons are for people who have had a few lessons in the past and are now ready to take their surfing to the next level! If you can regularly get to your feet riding the white water and have been bitten by the bug, then it’s time to take the step onto an improver lesson. One of our skilled coaches will help you choose an intermediate surfboard, which will open your eyes to a new surfing world as you are taught, how to paddle out back, progress from white water to catching your first green wave, performing your first turns and understanding important surf etiquette.

Improver Surf Lessons PRIVATE
  • Private 1-on-1 Lesson, £90.00 per person
  • Private 1-on-2 Lesson, £70.00 per person
  • Small Private Group Lesson (3-6 people), £60.00 per person
  • Large Private Group Lesson (7-10 people), £50.00 per person
Improver Surf Lessons GROUP
  • 3 Lessons (Most Popular), £115.00 per person
  • 2 Lessons, £85.00 per person
  • 1 Lessons, £45.00 per person

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A brilliant afternoon learning to surf with Chris, he was knowledgeable, entertaining and managed to get us all up on our feet by the end of the lesson. It exceeded all expectation and I'd definitely recommend it!

Mark H
December 31, 2020